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We offer a multitude of services to Owners, Developers, Architects and Engineers to assist them in project planning, design, and construction.

General Contracting

We bring together all the diverse elements of the construction process into a single coordinated effort. We hire the subcontractors, labor, procure materials, equipment and provide field supervision to direct all the work in the best interest of the client.


We warrant the sufficiency of the plans, specifications and cost to the Owner. Injecting contractor expertise and advice into the design process offers the possibility of achieving both time and cost savings for the owner and avoids any "gaps" between plans and specifications.

Specialty Concrete

Merge indoor and outdoor living spaces. A house is more than just the walls that enclose it. We specialize in concrete projects of all types. From driveways to planters, to floating cantilevers.


With over 30 years of experience in almost every facet of construction, we bring professional results to every project we take on. Whether you need specific analysis and review of existing conditions or just a second opinion, James Cross Inc. offers the expertise required.

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