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“I’ve done several large projects with James Cross Inc. and I have to say I’m extremely satisfied and will continue to use them in the future. The first word that comes to mind is “trust”. Construction projects are always complicated and I feel I can trust James Cross Inc. with all the details of the project; from excellent work to honest conversations and smart decisions. They have an excellent team of seasoned professionals that can tackle all aspects of a project effectively. Jim personally oversees all the details of a project and takes personal pride in a job well done from beginning to end. It is good to have someone that knows his business very well and is always looking for the client’s interest and satisfaction.

Federico Sanchez/ Luxury Remodel & Addition

“I have had quite a bit of experience with architects, contractors and suppliers. I can tell you without reservation Jim is the best, easiest, most enjoyable contractor to work with. His staff and quality is par to none.”

P. Fiorentino/ VP of Sales, Tiger Direct

Julia & John Carr/ Luxury Remodel

“After completing several renovations on several houses, working with Jim and his team on my last renovation was wonderful. Having a site foreman here everyday ensuring that workers and subs did what they were supposed to was a marvel. Tom, the foreman took time to discuss small details that really helped the finished product. You might pay somewhat more than the next bid but getting it right the first time helps enormously. Every time I went for best price we had to re-do things and ended up with a bigger bill."

“During the years I have known Jim his personal and business ethics have always been outstanding. He is a very effective administrator who gives 100% of himself and gets the job done. His knowledge of the construction industry, leadership abilities, communication skills, likable personality, high standards, and personal commitment make him a very valuable developer and/or general contractor.”

K. Gary Croy/ Croy Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning

“James Cross, Inc. has shown that he can complete projects in an exemplary fashion and on a timely basis. Jim is a unique business owner in that he spends time to get to know every aspect of the project himself while diligently overseeing his highly qualified crews. Furthermore, when there is a question or discrepancy with any aspect of the work, he is the first to not only notice it, but point it out in a concerted effort to resolve it professionally.”

Raymond Jungles/ Landscape Architect

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